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The Shades Gallerytrack Plus has been designed for heavy paintings. Simple and massively strong.

Shades Gallerytrack Plus Picture Hanging System

The Shades Gallerytrack + was designed as a no-compromise hanging system to maximize flexibility. Particularly suitable for heavy items such as paintings, and with and additional anti-theft system available, it's easy to understand why this system has had so much success in galleries and museums all over the world.

Compared to some of the other Shades systems, the Gallerytrack + may appear slightly more basic, but its simplicity is also an advantage when it comes to changing whatever you hang up on the wall.

This system allows you to alternate easily – to "chop and change" with a minimum of fuss. Based on the letter J, the Shades Gallerytrack + has been designed with flexibility in mind. The Shades Gallerytrack Plus system is very easy to install and use and will sustain 220 lb/yd.

The following hooks and rods or cords can be used in combination with this picture hanging system:

For loads up to 33 lb:

  • Shades S-Hook for Gallerytrack Plus + Perlon Cord with Loop + Zipper hook

For loads up to 44 lb:

  • Shades S-Hook for Gallerytrack Plus + Steel Cable with Loop + Zipper hook

For loads up to 88 lb:

  • Shades Gallerytrack Plus rod 4×4 + hook for 4×4 rod
  • Shades Gallerytrack Plus rod 4×4 + security hook for 4×4 rod + optional theft delaying security collar & cap

For loads up to 220 lb:

  • Shades Gallerytrack Plus rod 4×10 + hook for 4×10 rod

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STAS J-Rail Max Hook for 4 x 10 Rod - 220 lbs
Gallery Hook for 4 x 10 Rod - 220 lbs ( 100 kg)
Our Price: $38.50

Super heavy duty 220 lb load hook for use with the J-Rail Max Rod 4 x 10 mm. Includes one hook. more info
STAS J-Rail Max Hook for 4 x 4 Rod - 88LB load
Gallery Hook for 4 x 4 Rod - Holds weight up to 88 lbs (40 kg)
Our Price: $5.80

This self-gripping hook is for the J-rail Max 4x4mm rod or the new Combitrack "S" rods and holds up to 90 lb each. You can use one or more per 4x4mm rod. Includes one hook. more info
STAS J-Rail Max Security Hook for 4 x 4 Rod
Gallery Security Hook for 4 x 4 Rod - Holds weight up to 88 lbs (40 kg)
Our Price: $8.40

This security hook is for the J-rail Max 4x4mm rod or J-rail Max 4x4mm security rod and holds up to 88 lbs. You can use one or more per 4x4mm rod. Includes one hook. more info
STAS J-Rail Max Security Set - Collar + Cap
Gallery Security Set - Collar + Cap
Our Price: $6.50

As a theft-deterrent, use this set with the Stas J-rail Max rail on the 4x4mm rod and relative security hook. more info
J-Rail Max + Installation Kit
Our Price: $19.30

Prices from $19.30 The massively strong STAS J-Rail Max is the ideal solution when a simple, heavy-duty hanging system is needed. Heavier works of art need to be hung on a system that still looks elegant and attractive. This rail sustains loads of 220 lb/yd. more info
STAS J-Rail Max Rod 4 x 4 mm
J-Rail Max Rod 4 x 4
Our Price: $6.40


STAS J-Rail Max Rod 4 x 4 mm, for use with the 40 kg (88 lb) load hook or J-Rail Max security hook. more info
SHADES Perlon Loop Cord
Perlon Loop Cord
Our Price: $1.60


This transparent perlon loop cord slips easily onto our molding hook, S-hook, panel hook, drop-ceiling hook, or any open hook that can be looped onto, then slide a picture hanging hook onto the cord to hang your pictures. Our deluxe Cam hook is the sturdiest picture hanging hook option for this cord, as it will hold up to 45 lbs. Choose from a variety of lengths... more info
STAS S-Hook for J-rail or J-rail Max
Our Price: $0.75


The STAS S-Hook attaches the Stas perlon loop cord or steel loop cable to either the J-rail or J-rail Max... more info
SHADES CAM Hook- Holds weight up to 44 lbs (20 kgs)
Our Price: $4.50


Introducing the newest and most sophisticated picture hanging hook on the market today - The Cam Hook

The patented Cam Hook is the sleekest most effectively engineered quality picture hanging hook that has been manufactured to date. With input and suggestions from colleagues and customers alike we took the challenge of creating a picture hook that not only holds your artwork securely in place but also engineered it in such a way as to make it customer friendly and super easy to use with the lock-in-place release mechanism.

We are super excited to bring to market this amazing and practical hook. Here are just a few of the features.

Weight Based Tension From 3 Angles

The heart of the hook lies in the 3 stainless steel ball bearing encased in the center spindle. These bearings act in unison with the spring activated ergonomic push top. When pushed down the bearings are released allowing you to easily insert our new Twist-to-Lock perlon cords or steel cables. When released the bearings are activated and hold the cord or cable securely in place.

But wait, there's more! As you apply weight such as when you are placing a frame on the hook, the actual weight creates additional pressure upon the bearings creating a stronger tension which in turn holds even more securely. Other hooks do not have this function and when adding weight over time there is a tendency to slip down the cord or cable.

Quick Release Ergonomic Top

Unlike the Zipper hook that gets stuck when hanging heavier artwork over long periods of time making it sometimes difficult to release, the Cam Hook's quick release top works effortlessly no matter the weight or length of time it is activated. The Cam Hook was engineered in such a way that the mechanism for weight based tension is a separate function of the locking mechanism thus insuring a quick and effortless release every time.

A Variety of Cable/Cord Types and Thicknesses - Not a Problem!

Whereas the zipper hook and many other hooks will only work on 1.8-2mm cable thickness, the Cam Hook work on thicknesses as small as 1mm (micro cables) and up to 2mm. This greater versatility allows you to use our hook in a variety of situations without having to change the cords/cables which permits you to use your existing cords and cables.

Greater Weight Capacity on All Types of Cords

The 45 lbs weight capacity leads the industry in under channel track and rails. The weight capacity of this hook applies to both our Twist-to-Lock perlon cords and steel cables. This differs from other manufacturers as their weight bearing mechanism on perlon cords cannot sustain the same weight as the steel cables. Because of the Cam Hook's engineering design and weight based tension function there is no need to change cord types when a heavier picture frame or artwork is involved.

Shades Cam Hook Engineering Blow Up

Super strong, each will hold up to 45lb in weight on BOTH perlon cords and steel cables, double up to double the weight capacity. Choose quantity packet: single hook, 4 pack, 6 pack, 10 pack, or 20 pack.
more info
SHADES Micro Hook- Holds weight up to 9lb
SHADES Micro Hook- Holds weight up to 9lb
Our Price: $1.85

The Micro Hook is perfect for when you need to minimize the presence of the picture hanging hook when hanging your artwork. more info
About Shades Picture Hanging Systems

Providing simple, flexible elegant solutions in wall decorations that make life easier and last for generations. We want to help smart people making intelligent choices about every aspect of their wall decor, that is our passion; Every wall in every building is our goal. For Express Shipping, email info@shadespicturehanging.com or call (805) 691-9243 for rates. 30 Day Return Guarantee on all Orders!

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