Accessories for Multirail Lighting Systems
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STAS MultiRail Conductor - Straight Connector - for use with our 12V System
STAS MultiRail Straight Conductor - for 12V System
Our Price: $3.40

If you want to extend the range of your Multirail system you will require one of our patented rail conductors. Our straight rail conductor connectors work to adjoin two multirail rails. more info
STAS Multirail Conductor - Corner - for 12V System
STAS Multirail Corner Conductor - for 12V System
Our Price: $4.70

Stas multirail corner conductor connectors allow you to extend our lighting systems around the corners of a room or around posts within a room. These conductor connectors are snap to install and easy to remove when necessary. more info
STAS Multirail Halogen Light - 20 Watt - Frosted
STAS Multirail Halogen Light - 20 Watt - Frosted
Our Price: $13.60

20 Watt Halogen Lighting from Stas Picture Hanging Systems
more info
STAS Multirail 3 watt LED Light - Warm White Tone
Multirail 3.3 watt LED Light
Our Price: $13.60


Stas Picture Hanging Systems is proud to introduce our new LED lighting
solutions for every room, hallway or area where accent lighting is
needed. Our 3 watt LED lights were created to impress by showing your
artwork in a manner that lets you determine where you want your emphasis
to be.
more info
112V Rail Plug with dual head Cable
12V Dual Head Rail Plug Cable- white
Our Price: $25.30

This 12V dual head Rail Cable has the STAS patented plug on both ends. Choose from cable lengths of 6", 7 3/4", 11 3/4", 15 3/4", 19 5/8", 23 5/8", 27 1/2", or 39 3/8".  This allows you to connect two rails separated by a column or any other gap while maintaining one circuit.  Reduce your costs by lowering the amount of transformers needed to complete your lighting system. Includes one cable with two heads, our 60 watt and 96 watt electrical adapters sold separately. more info
12V Rail Plug Cable 300 cm white
12V Rail Plug Output Connector Cable 118" white
Our Price: $32.00

This 12V Rail Cable has the STAS patented plug that connects into our lighting rails, permitting you to use your own compatible adapter with our hanging and lighting systems. This white cable is 118" long (300 cm). Includes one cable, electrical adapter not included. more info
Multirail dimmer
NEW: Dimmer
Our Price: $35.00

Multirail dimmer for use in conjunction with our dimmable adapter for all Multirail systems. Dimmable adapter NOT included. Includes one dimmer with remote control. more info
STAS Multirail Armature 'Classic'
STAS Multirail Lighting Fixture 'Classic'
Our Price: $49.90


The "Classic" armature combines our world class simplicity with a halogen or LED source for lighting. more info
Stas Picture Hanging and Lighting Armature Sirius in Chrome 15 3/4" (40 cm)
STAS Multirail Lighting Fixture 'Sirius' - Chrome
Our Price: $54.00

Stas Picture Hanging and Lighting Armature "Sirius" in Chrome for use with all Multirail systems. Light sold separately. more info
STAS Multirail Adapter - 60W
STAS Multirail Adapter
Our Price: $58.80


Stas Multirail adapters for use with all Multirail systems. Each adapter comes with a 118" (300 cm) connector cord with the patented stas rail connector plug at one end and 72" 125V 10amp power cord on the other. One 60 watt transformer will power up to 15 LED lights (3.3 W).
more info
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