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Stas for the home

Throughout the home (Lounge, Kitchen, Main Bedroom, Kids Bedroom, Bathroom etc.) a large variety of items will be put up on the wall – from small family photographs to large paintings in heavy, old-fashioned frames which might have been passed down through the family.

Picture Hanging for the Home

Décor styles within homes vary more than in any other type of building, and the choice of style for a hanging system for the home will be very much down to personal taste - that's why homeowners can benefit from the range of styles offered by STAS hanging systems, because there's no need to choose one single system for all of the house - a different style can be selected for individual rooms, according to the requirement of each.

Picture Hanging Systems - Homes
A Perfect Solution for Homes

With STAS systems homeowners can choose a hanging system from a range of styles:
There are functional, modern styles, and elegant, classical styles which wouldn't be out of place in an English Stately Home! Our picture hanging systems are a perfect solution to all of the above requirements, and offer unrivaled FLEXIBILITY, where everything is hung up safely and securely, but can be taken down quickly and easily to re-decorate walls and ceilings with a minimum of fuss.

STAS picture hanging systems make all of this possible, plus all STAS rails can be painted over – whatever color you want! Whether the STAS system is for an existing home, or for one which is going to be built, there are many options to choose from. For elegant lounges, particular attention should be paid to some of the more elaborate systems such as the prorail crown or multirail crown, although it would be best to have a look at the other systems which are available to pick out the most suitable systems. Don't forget areas like the garage, where once you put up a heavy duty system like the j-rail max, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much use it gets, for a variety of objects!.
Picture Hanging Systems - Homes

Stas New Building, Existing Structure & Conversions

New Buildings, Existing Structures & Conversions

STAS picture hanging systems are extremely flexible – suitable for new buildings or for buildings being restructured, revamped or converted.

For new buildings, the architect can include one or more of the STAS systems into the building at the design stage - for example the STAS plaster rail, which is built INTO the wall, under the surface of the plaster. Or one of the other systems, depending on the particular requirements that the system needs to fulfill. From simple light clip STAS systems to robust, heavy duty STAS profiles which can support very heavy loads, to systems which incorporate elegant mouldings, every STAS system has one thing in common - once the system is in place, banging nails in walls becomes a thing of the past!

Long Term Benefits

Long-term benefits of STAS systems include greatly reduced costs over the years (saving on redecorating, painting, plastering and associated liquids, cleaning fluids, paints, plaster etc.), plus zero maintenance cost, zero impact on wall structure once the systemhas been installed (i.e. no more nails!) and no need to call the Plumber to check out if there's a pipe hidden in the wall, or after you've banged a nail into the wall and found that that's where the pipe is!

We're here to help

Each rail system has been uniquely designed to perform a specific function or to resolve a particular issue. Although one solution may seem a perfect fit for your needs that may not necessarily be the case unless every issue has been presented and fully discussed. Our staff has the knowledge and understanding of what are the most important questions to ask when choosing the right system for you. By clicking below and submitting your requests one of our specialists will help you in choosing which system will provide the most satisfaction.

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